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Booking & Catering

Calgary's Newest Mini Donut Food Truck

The Little Donut Bakery is thrilled to introduce Calgary’s newest mini donut food truck with an extended schedule. Make more memories and take your special event to the next level with Stampede’s original mini donuts made fresh for you and your guests! 

Why Choose The Little Donut Bakery?

  • Fresh-made, never-frozen original mini donuts
  • Iconic machines seen at the Stampede
  • Variety of classic and unique flavours and toppings
  • Customized menus for your event
  • Experienced, professional and fully licensed/insured owners on-site
  • High customer satisfaction in quality, freshness, cleanliness, speed, and service
Donut machine

The Little Donut Bakery Food Truck

  • Unmatched capacity: Operates 1-3 machines, each able to serve 1-2 guests per minute
  • Indoor and Outdoor Options
  • Versatile power options: Shore power and propane generator
  • All-Electric Kitchen and Machines
  • Fully licensed on-site kitchen and self-contained tanks and storage
  • Optional products including cold beverages
  • Accepts a variety of payments through secure POS system and independent wi-fi

Booking Information

The Little Donut Bakery food truck offers flexible booking arrangements for a variety of special events.

Public Events Including

  • Festivals and themed shows
  • Charity events
  • Trade shows and conventions
  • Community events

Private Events Including

  • Corporate events and conventions
  • Celebrations including weddings, birthdays, holidays, and graduations 
  • Bookings are subject to scheduling availability (check our calendar under “Events”); and may be subject to suitability of proposed venues and access to facilities; sufficient power and potable water; and operating restrictions due to weather, permitting, staffing or other factors. We fully discuss and confirm operating conditions prior to any booking confirmations.
  • Catering capacity for take-out and delivery orders is limited, but we welcome all inquiries.
  • Customized and limited-edition menu items may vary by seasonal and supplier availability.
  • The Bakery XL mini donut booth seen at the Calgary Stampede, Vancouver PNE, and Edmonton KDays has specific operating requirements and limited availability. If you would like to book the XL booth, please contact us directly by phone, text or email.

To submit a booking request, just click on the link below to tell us about your event, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible: