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Our Donuts

Mini Donuts,
Maximum Flavour

Whether it’s a traditional cinnamon-sugar mini donut or our bakery- and dessert-inspired variations, our guests can always count on perfect mini donuts just the way they love them – always made fresh by our iconic little donut machines with premium ingredients. 

The Heart of Perfect Mini Donuts

Our Machine

The best mini donuts start with our unique machines. Customized from an earlier Tom Thumb design, our donut machines can produce more donuts more quickly than common designs. Our design also allows greater control over size and density, producing a consistently lighter, fluffier donut with a golden crisp texture every time. Our guests get to enjoy a show and see their donuts made fresh!

A Bakery Full of Flavours

Our Donuts

Classic Toppings

Our guests can enjoy a single classic topping or combine any together to make their own unique flavours!

Custom & Limited Edition Flavours

Our donuts taste great with a variety of different flavours. Check out our limited-edition specialty toppings and brand new donuts like our original cornbread donut! Have a suggestion for a new donut? Contact us!

2024 Feature Flavour - Ube Coconut!

Holiday & Seasonal Flavours

Nobody knows Calgary’s favourite mini donuts like us, and we’re thrilled to take this classic treat to the next level with new seasonal flavours for fall, Halloween, Hannukah and Christmas, and other special times of the year.

Product FAQ's

Although our pricing can vary by event due to different operating costs, our prices are always competitive and we offer customers the best value through a basic bakery-style pricing structure. We also offer bulk discounts and never charge processing fees.

We primarily use 100% compostable bags to package our mini donuts. Our bags comply with all our events’ requirements for waste management, single-use bylaws, and other sustainability rules.

All of our ingredients are sourced as locally as possible from premium suppliers. We use 100% pure canola oil (no lard, soybean or peanut oils) and our batter is made fresh on-site from a special ready-to-use mix made in Alberta.

Common allergens present in our batter are wheat, soybean flour, and soy lecithin. There are no sunflower products, peanut or other nut products, or sulphites in the batter. These items may be present in an optional topping – please feel free to have us check a particular ingredient label for you.

There is dried skim milk powder and dried egg yolk in our batter mix. They are necessary binding agents when frying donuts at high temperatures. Some vegan donut recipes exist but usually require oven-baking.

No, our base donut mix contains wheat products. There are very few gluten-free donut mixes currently available in Canada suitable for frying and on-site preparation. We continue to explore this product but can’t offer it at this time.

Yes! At room temperature, donuts are best consumed within 5 days of making them. You can freeze donuts up to 6 months in an airtight container or Ziploc bag. To refresh, thaw to room temperature and:

  • Bake in a conventional oven in a non-stick baking pan or sheet at 350*F for 5-10 minutes
  • Place in an air fryer at medium-high heat (see above) for 5-8 minutes
  • Never put donuts in a microwave, they will dry out and harden!

              So feel free to stock up with our take-home specials! Bring them home plain (no toppings) and try your own favourite flavours. We can also waive take-out bag fees if guests bring their own containers!

Sorry, our donut machines are custom-built and are not for sale. We recommend any aspiring donut makers to explore Belshaw machines as the best available option.